First Glossier experience


I’ve been reading Into The Gloss for years, and really that’s how I discovered my love for beauty. If you haven’t heard about ITG, head over there now, it’s packed with beauty interviews of artists, actresses, designers…

Before that, I was intrigued by beauty but thought it was shallow and not something to be interested in. Which is sad really. Discovering Into The Gloss was sort of like a slap in the face, a new inspiring world, a new definition of my femininity. Then of course Glossier came along, a skincare and makeup brand ITG’s creator, Emily Weiss, founded.

Finally a brand that would talk to me. 

So a few weeks ago, while in Paris, I went to Colette (which is now closed) to get a few products.

It immediately brought me back to my childhood though I can’t seem to remember why exactly.

To be totally transparent here, I was not expecting to love this cleanser so much. The texture did not seem appealing and though most bloggers I follow raved about it, I was, for once, more excited about the makeup. 

First. The. Smell.

Gorgeous roses. Fresh, comforting, soft smell. It immediately brought me back to my childhood though I can’t seem to remember why exactly. It made me nostalgic, and it instantly felt soothing on my (quite irritated and sensitive at the moment) skin. The texture is interesting, a bit gloopy but it melts down on the face, so nothing bad here. On the contrary, it’s refreshing and soothing.


It’s not stripping the skin at all, leaves a feeling of hydration and is exactly what I want for a morning cleanse. I actually got a second (and a third) bottle thanks to my lovely english friends who brought my Glossier UK order back to me when they visited a few weeks ago. I does work if you wear makeup, but I like to use an oil/balm based cleanser to remove makeup. I love how fresh it is, that’s why I use it in the morning, but, you do you right ?!

It’s gentle indeed, but really does the job. I would actually say, wait for it… that it directly goes into my Top 3 cleansers. Statement right ? I stand by it. And can’t wait for Glossier to launch in France.

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