Why I never buy lip balm anymore


I never buy lip balm anymore since I’ve discovered THE one. 

I tried so many. From drugstore vaseline to the organic Weleda one. From tube to pot, old recipe, new ones… But none would actually work.

I’d feel relieved for maybe an hour, and had to reapply. All day long. And had really chapped lips.

After reading quite a few articles about lip balms, I realized that more often than not lip balms have a petroleum base. Which I believe means it protects your lips but does not give it actual moisture. It retains it basically.

When I was little, I’d wear ski lip balms… You know the white chalky ones ? Yeah…

Then, I found the LHF calendula pommade. It does contain vaseline, but its main ingredient is lanolin aka wool wax which is made from raw wool. I used that first around my nose when I had a cold, then thought why not use it on my lips. The texture is very nourishing and quite thick, and lanolin is often used in baby products so I reckon it’s meant to be extremely gentle.


It really had an amazing effect on my lips, almost right away. I use it every night, and sometimes in the morning before applying lipstick.

When I was little, I’d wear ski lip balms… You know the white chalky ones ? Yeah… In my mind I looked really cool, now when I think about it, I don’t believe I did. But they were the strongest ones to soothe my lips. Oh and did I mention I thought I looked very cool ?

The LHF calendula pommade is quite thick but not too shiny and does not smell of anything. Also, in my local french pharmacy, it costs 2.20 € for 20g of product.

I basically never have chapped lips anymore. Period.

You can find it here.

What lip balm is your fave ? Have you experienced the same issue as I have had ?

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