The super easy and super chic rouge lipstick

fullsizeoutput_1fefThe first time I wore red lipstick was a few weeks ago. I’m 29 years old and for the first time ever, I not only wore red lipstick, I also went out without wiping it off right before heading out. Have you ever done that ? It’s funny how I could go out with a look that could be described as “interesting” on a sunday for example (velvet trousers, enormous jumper, and rain wellies ?), but to be seen in red lipstick is just something I’d never been able to do.

Because if not now, when ?

I always think I have teeths that are too big, or a mouth that moves too much when I talk and smile, and I have such dark features I did not want to draw attention to my face with a red touch. Also don’t you find it difficult that you have to pick a shade that’s not too orange-y or too blue, and also sometimes wear lip liner, and check it does not smudge…


BUT, inspired by the beauty journalist Sali Hughes amongst others, who sort of always encourages women to wear the makeup they want and not be scared of it because it’s fun, I guess it made me want to be more dare-ish. Because if not now, when ?

Then Glossier Generation G in the color Zip came along. And it’s really good. I mean, really perfect to me. It’s matte and sheer which sounds weird but it’s the perfect combination to make your lips look full, defined yet a bit out of focus, sort of blurred in the best enhancing way.



It’s a true red, not too orange, not too blue, quite bright and uplifting. Glossier website describes it as a poppy red, that’s exactly it.

I have to say it stayed on really well even through a meal, and the best thing to me is that it fades out beautifully. Which is crucial ! I’m not one to reapply all the time, so I like to not be stressed about the way my lipstick looks after a few hours. You know how sometimes you just end up with a lipstick line around your mouth and no product left on your actual lips ? Yeah… I do not want that. Especially not with a lipstick that I’m more self conscious about. But this Glossier one just fades out in the most beautiful way, leaving a soft stain. Oh and the Generation G applies really nicely without a lip liner !

I could not recommend this enough if, like me, wearing a red lip is something only others can do but still every time Christmas season rolls around you fell left out.

Here is a link which could be useful if you’re interested in wearing red lipstick but don’t know where to start : This video by Lisa Eldridge is the ultimate guide to red lipstick, extremely useful. Also, how chic and lovely is Lisa ?

Do you feel confident wearing red lipstick ?

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