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Last night, I went out. I just fancied redoing my makeup before hands, but after applying a bit more concealer and blush, I wanted more. Does it happen to you sometimes ? You know how, when you were little, playing “let’s pretend that I own a shop, here’s your change my dear” was simply the best, and nothing else would exist ? Makeup’s like that for me. When I’m in the mood for it, it feels like I’m playing, and noting else matters. Yesterday was one of those days where I wanted to pile it on !

Truthfully, I think not wearing mascara gives my smokey look a bit of an editorial twist. Well that’s what I tell myself anyway !

Eyeshadows are not something I wear often. I don’t believe it particularly suits me, and even though I’ve watched hundreds of tutorials online, I always feel like I could be better at it, and I am never entirely satisfied in the end.

However, the products I now use, I trust, and they don’t make me feel like I’m bad at doing my makeup, which, you know, is pretty nice ! I thought I’d share with you my holy grails products, eyeshadows, eye pencils and sticks… If you don’t know where to start, or if you’re simply looking for a good, solid, selection that won’t disappoint, scroll down !


My go-to look is sort of an underrated smokey eye. My take on it basically. One or two different shades on the lid, sometimes a tiny bit under the eye on the outer corner, and voilà ! I don’t wear mascara when I have eye makeup on, but it’s in the pictures because the only one I use, like three times a year, is the amazing Diorshow mascara that I thought you should know about. But, truthfully, I think not wearing mascara gives my smokey look a bit of an editorial twist. Well that’s what I tell myself anyway !

If you want to see me play with eyeshadows, I suggest you head over to my Instagram, you’ll see me applying some of these products on the stories saved on my profile ! I often do these little tutorials, and also hauls, makeup/skincare reviews, share my recent beauty related discoveries but also anything that inspires me !


For a one item, underrated smokey

By Terry Ombre Black Star eyeshadow stick in Bronze Moon. This is the simplest way to wear something on the lids. I apply it straight on, close to the lash line, and blend it out with my fingers. The result is a soft wash of color, adds a bit of definition, and definitely makes your eyes pop. If I’m feeling myself, I might add a soft line under the bottom lash line, and blend it outwards.

The I have time and I want to play with makeup smokey

The Naked Palette by Urban Decay, the OG one ! You could do pretty much anything with this palette. I remember when I first got my hands on this, it was all over the internet, people could not get enough of it. It’s gorgeous, and versatile. I tend to use either half baked, an intense gold on the lid and add a bit of the shade naked in the crease to blend it all together. I also use darkhorse, a dark bronze or hustle, a taupe with the exact same method. I use the Real Techniques brushes to apply these shades.

To add a bit more drama and/or play with colorful shades

Rimmel Scandaleyes Kohl liners are a great alternative. I own a dark blue, a deep green, a purple and a bronze. I either try to do a flick that I blend, or I do a line on top of the lashes, and one in the waterline to have a more dramatic effect.

There you have it, a fuss-free smokey eye situation !

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