Busy Philipps, Marc Maron, Candidness and Chocolate Cake

So, I’ve just made a cake. The Trish Deseine’s signature chocolate cake if you want to know. I add salt so it balances the deep chocolate flavor, it’s gorgeous. Anyway, so as I’m baking I’m listening to a podcast because apparently I can’t really enjoy silence. Can you? Isn’t it interesting how, I guess even more nowadays, our mental space gets saturated yet we sometimes choose to make it even more saturated with images, sounds, etc?


Is digression a disease? If it is, I definitely HAVE IT.

ANYWAY. I really appreciate Marc Maron’s podcast, WTF. I’ve listened to many episodes, loved them and talked about it here. In October he interviewed Busy Philipps who I’ve always liked as an actress but don’t know much about. Amongst many things they talked about anxiety and anger in such a candid, relatable way. It’s refreshing to see two people just be so honest with each other, and transparent about their fears, vision on life, ways of copping with how scary life can be. It’s not something I hear that often, in such an honest manner.

It’s really a great conversation to listen to so I thought I had to share this with you!

Also, here’s a quote from the podcast, written by Marc Maron, “The monster I’ve created to protect the kid inside me is hard to manage“.

Food for thoughts right?

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