Welcome to Le Beauty Journal !

Who am I anyway ?

My name is Elsa. I’m 29. I’m french. I love coffee & beauty products. I’ve been obsessed with beauty for so many years but I’d never really talked about it to anyone.  It was a world in my head… Now it’s a little world on the internet.

Why in english ?

I lived in London when I was 21, for an entire year. I absolutely fell in love with it, and the UK in general. At the time, I was not really into beauty, which in a way is good otherwise I would have spent all my money in Boots and Superdrug I guess.

I go back to London all the time, and some of my closest friends live there. Anyway, I miss speaking and writing in english so when I thought about this blog, it felt right to write in english.

I want Le Beauty Journal to be an open window on beauty in general, but of course I’m french and live in France so you might discover a few french brands here and there and also see how different – or maybe not so different – my beauty routine is to you, wherever you live !

Oh and pardon my french, literally, if I make spelling mistakes.

How’s my skin ?

My skin is combination and extremely sensitive. It means that, products I purchase are often quite gentle and targeted towards my skin type. I’m not an expert, I’ve just been reading about beauty for many years now. I’m only sharing my love for beauty, and what I’ve learned.

Beauty Experts I admire

Here are the experts in my opinion : I admire both these women, they taught me a lot, I wish I could meet them one day. In the meantime, you can go check out their websites, get ready for some intense and highly enjoyable reading :

Sali Hughes

Caroline Hirons