Three makeup items to cheer me up !

You know how sometimes you have a crappy day ? You had stuff planned, and did not do it. You wanted to go out and did not. You said to yourself, I’m going to be productive, do this and that, and bake, and clean my office and… When you basically have scrolled down Instagram too much and feel like you too could should have that kind of life ? (more on that later, what kind of life is that ?)

Anyway, that’s the kind of day I had today.

DSC_0089 - copie

First, what I do, is put on Franck Sinatra on my Spotify app. Either “Young at heart”, or “I’ve got the world on a string”. Joy. And if I have any, I light a candle, and make myself a tea.

Then, what I find I do all the time, but actually only realized it today, is, I put on a bit more makeup as I sigh looking at myself in the mirror. You know when the night’s falling, but it’s not time for diner yet, but your workday is over and you don’t know what to do with yourself ? Well, I often end up in my bathroom, and look for stuff that could potentially help to lighten up my mood. Makeup.

Not like a red lip or anything because I don’t often wear that much makeup. But I often end up using these three products :

Glossier Stretch Concealer in light

It’s amazing. It is actually stretchy, and is great to reapply on top of makeup. It’s very moisturizing so it does not amplify the lines around the eyes or make your face caked up in product. It’s soft, smart and sweet. Instant pick-me-up in a jar.


Chanel Adrienne

I don’t know why, but I reach for this nude with a satin finish all the time. Especially after a hard day, it makes me feel put together and chic, though it’s quite subtle and does not have an amazing lasting power. I love the color, a really well balanced nudy-pink, and it goes well with my fair complexion. Also, I sometimes use it on my cheeks. Just dab my finger on my lips and blend it on my cheeks. It helps with my mood for sure !


Brush my brows

I’ve had the same spoolie for years. It’s from Hema, random, and it was so cheap. But you know what ? It’s actually the best. It has the perfect angle, and I’m just so used to it, I even prefer it to the ones you can find on double-ended brow products.


So yes, I brush my brows. To beef them up a little. I also sometimes add a bit of Glossier Boy Brow or even pencil them in a bit more with the Fleur de Force Eyelure Brow Define in medium. And that is the final touch to lift my spirit.

What do you do to cheer you up ? Is it related to makeup in any way or not at all ?

A story about le pink blush

I believe it was Christmas. I got a Sephora Gift Card. And even if it should be quite cool (big important problems I know), it felt like I had to really think through what I would buy. Let me explain : I could either just buy my regular serum and be wise in a way. OR I could just get myself THE THING(SSSS) I’d never usually buy with my own money because I’m quite cautious like that.

Because it was Christmas I thought «  I would love to own a lovely Chanel something ».

Because I have to say, in terms of luxury and super chic packaging, Chanel is an inspiration.

And, I love blusher. Blusher would be THE thing I take away with me if I only have to use one product for the rest of my life. 

My tip is that I always put a touch of blush in the center of my face, down my nose, to make it look like I’ve been running or something. Which is, of course, something I would actually never do.

I had watched Sali Hughes in the Bathroom with Mary Greenwell which to me is basically the best series on makeup on youtube. It definitely made me fall in love with beauty. I remember Mary Greenwell saying with her fabulous voice « Chanel of course, my darling Chanel. I love Chanel Blushers, they’re so good ! »

I knew it was what I should get.


I love pink blusher. It somehow seems to be less popular online that apricot, coral, peachy colored blush. But to me pink is a classic. I would be the girl with a gorgeous Chanel Pink Blush in her handbag. Tellement chic.

After I don’t know how many Chanel swatches online and in real life, I decided to get the Joues Contrastes in the color 72, Rose Initial. To be honest, the name really helped me to choose… It’s a true pink with the softest golden sheen. Nothing like Nars Orgasm. It’s very subtle and looks natural. The brush which comes with it actually does a decent job.

I put it quite high on the cheeks and on the apples. Also, my tip is that I always put a touch of blush in the center down my nose, to make it look like I’ve been running or something. Which is, of course, something I would actually never do. Run ? NON. 

It simply gives the loveliest glow to the cheeks.

Oh and also it smells like actual roses.

And the packaging itself is a little work of art.

Ok I’m gonna stop now. It’s parfait.