The Only Lipgloss you’ll ever need

Let’s talk about lipgloss for a second. I’m pretty sure this product is a lot of people’s first step into the beauty world. Why though ? When I was a teen, and I could not stress this enough, things have definitely changed for the best… But back then, wasn’t it the most useless product ever ? My hair would get stuck in it, the product itself would disapear after a few minutes, it almost always was kind of transparent, pink-ish or glittery. A confusing item if you ask me, and until NYX brought out the Butter Gloss, which are really pigmented, buttery and smell incredibly nice, I had never tried a lipgloss I was even remotely keen on. But like I said, things have definitely changed. And the lipgloss which have won my heart, is the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector.

This thing amazes me. I have to say first, I bloody love Clarins. I have never really tried anything from the brand I did not like. No exception with the Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector. I love it because…

  • It smoothes the lips and make them plumper without actually being one of those lip plumpers that tingles
  • It coats the lips in a creamy but not sticky, balmy layer
  • The colors are lovely
  • There’s a subtle yet definitive smell of vanilla but in a nice not too overpowering way
  • The application could not be easier. It has this doe-foot applicator where product comes out, which allows you to distribute the product evenly AND to smoothe the lips thanks to the texture of the applicator 
  • You don’t have to have a mirror to apply it, honestly, slap it on, bam, instant glow !



fullsizeoutput_23b4My favorite is n°7 which is a mauvy-nude. It may sound horrendous but it’s actually the best color for me to pretend like I naturally have full, juicy lips. It’s quite close to my natural lip color, so it simply enhances them beautifully and adds definition. I also love the n°5, which is the perfect pink. And as you can see in the picture, after finishing the n°5 – I mean, that’s how much I love it, I’ve finished an entire tube -, I got the shade n°3, called nude shimmer. Extremely subte shimmers though, packed in a lovely pale peach balm.

A hint of color, gorgeous full lips, and a divine smell : I specifically remember one day this winter, walking down the streets, feeling cold and wishing for spring… I applied Clarins Lip Perfector, a whiff of the very distinct smell warmed me up, and I just felt more put together, though I had not really done much. Here you go, that’s what it does.

Why I never buy lip balm anymore


I never buy lip balm anymore since I’ve discovered THE one. 

I tried so many. From drugstore vaseline to the organic Weleda one. From tube to pot, old recipe, new ones… But none would actually work.

I’d feel relieved for maybe an hour, and had to reapply. All day long. And had really chapped lips.

After reading quite a few articles about lip balms, I realized that more often than not lip balms have a petroleum base. Which I believe means it protects your lips but does not give it actual moisture. It retains it basically.

When I was little, I’d wear ski lip balms… You know the white chalky ones ? Yeah…

Then, I found the LHF calendula pommade. It does contain vaseline, but its main ingredient is lanolin aka wool wax which is made from raw wool. I used that first around my nose when I had a cold, then thought why not use it on my lips. The texture is very nourishing and quite thick, and lanolin is often used in baby products so I reckon it’s meant to be extremely gentle.


It really had an amazing effect on my lips, almost right away. I use it every night, and sometimes in the morning before applying lipstick.

When I was little, I’d wear ski lip balms… You know the white chalky ones ? Yeah… In my mind I looked really cool, now when I think about it, I don’t believe I did. But they were the strongest ones to soothe my lips. Oh and did I mention I thought I looked very cool ?

The LHF calendula pommade is quite thick but not too shiny and does not smell of anything. Also, in my local french pharmacy, it costs 2.20 € for 20g of product.

I basically never have chapped lips anymore. Period.

You can find it here.

What lip balm is your fave ? Have you experienced the same issue as I have had ?